What is the XièXiè-Compiler?

The XièXiè-Compiler was designed to be a trans-compiler (or rather source-to-source compiler)
which compiles from ‘XièXiè’ code to ‘C++’ code. But from the very beginning there is also a code-generator for assembly languages such as IA-32, ARM and the XièXiè specific byte code.


When will be the first release of the XièXiè compiler?

This project just started on 06/12/2013. So it’s in its first steps. But I’m working very hard on it to provide the first release as soon as possible. Maybe the first release can launch in the spring of 2014.


Is this an open-source project?

Yes, it is! It is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 3.


Where is the source code?

The source code is provided on Bitbucket.org in a public Git repository.


In which language the compiler is written?

In C++11. I’m using Visual Studio 2012 Professional, but I’m also using CMake and trying to keep the code as platform-independent as possible. There are a few integrated (and very basic) debugging tools – like the debug output window which is currently only available for MS/Windows. On other platforms you need to use the command-line, terminal or what ever.


Why is this compiler named “XièXiè”?

Some years, before I started with the development of this compiler, I already had some ideas about a name for it. The first idea was, to call it “C+=2″ or “C++++” because it should be a more comfortable and easier C++ variant. But this name looked and sounded strange. Another idea I had was to call it “C power of C” (in mathematical notation “C^C”). But that still was not what I was looking for. Then I remembered me to the Chinese word “XièXiè” which means “Thanks” in English and it sounded a little similar to “CC” which could be seen as a shortcut for “C^C”. That’s the story about the name of the XièXiè-Compiler ;-)


What is the “XBC”? (in progress)

XBC denotes the “XièXiè-Byte-Code” which is used as an intermediate-representation (like the “Java-Byte-Code”).


What is the “XEnvironment”? (in progress)

The XEnvironment is the IDE (integrated development environment) for the XièXiè-Compiler. It offers syntax-highlighting and an easy compilation process.

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